Exhibitions and Events

Besides the permanent exhibition the Regional Geography Museum of Hrazdan has a temporary exhibition hall, where periodically thematic events and temporary exhibitions are organized. The collections of museum samples kept in museum funds, as well as exhibits of people having private collections, works of painters, sculptures and popular artists /carpentry, gobelin, etc./ are exhibited here. Events dedicated to different ethnographical  holidays, remembrance days are organized.

Within the frameworks of the republican events exhibitions and events are organized by the museum as well / “Museum Night”, “European Inheritance Days”/.

On June 1, 2023 on the occasion of the Childrens Day, the Hrazdan Geological Museum hosted an exhibition of works by students of the fine arts department of the art school named after K. Zoryan called “No to War”.


On May 20, 2023 within the framework of the all-national event “Night of Museums”, at Hrazdan Geological Museum a lecture on the topic “Outstanding Armenians of the World” and a permanent screening of films about Armenia took place.

On May 18, 2023 within the framework of the all-national event “International Museum Day”, the Geological Museum of Hrazdan hosted an event-lecture “Outstanding Armenian Archaeologists and Ethnographers”, as well as a screening of the film “Artsakh” with the participation of students of Hrazdan secondary school No. 1.

On May 12, 2023 at the Geological Museum of the city of Hrazdan, an educational program for making a ritual doll “Nuri” was held with the participation of students from the Hrazdan school No. 8.

On May 5, 2023 within the framework of the Francophonie events, at the Geological Museum of the city of Hrazdan it took place an event-lecture on the topics: “Cities of France with a large Armenian population” and “Outstanding French musicians of Armenian origin”, with thematic display panels prepared by the museum. At the same time, secondary school pupils of the Hrazdan Basic School No. 4 (teacher M. Avetisyan) presented an event under the heading “No to War”.

On April 28, 2023 at the Geological Museum of Hrazdan an event-lecture took place on the theme: “Restored monuments of Kotayk region”, dedicated to the Day of Monument Protection, which was conducted by Ani Avetisyan, employee of Protection Service SNCO of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia.

On June 7, 2022 at the Geological Museum of Hrazdan the first personal exhibition of paintings by Ani Gharibyan took place.

On June 1, 2022 on Childrens Day, pupils of Kindergarten No. 7 visited the Hrazdan Geological Museum.

On May 27, 2022 at the Geological Museum of Hrazdan a personal exhibition of works of arts and crafts by Mariam Nazaretyan took place, dedicated to the Day of the First Republic of Armenia.

On May 21, 2022 at the Geological Museum of Hrazdan the Night of museums turned into a bright and light one - thanks to the show and presentation of Armenian national costumes designed by the author Artyom Syunetsi, as well as to the performance of national songs.

On May 6, 2022 at the Geological Museum of Hrazdan, the students of the 8th form of the Hrazdan Basic school No. 4 (teacher - Monika Avetisyan) performed an event on the theme “Armenian-French Friendship” within the framework of the Francophonie. The museum also held educational programs on the topics “French Armenian Artists” and “French Museum Clocks of the 17th-18th Centuries” (chief curator: G. Bagratyan), presenting them with expositions related to the topics.

On April 19, 2022 at the Geological Museum of Hrazdan it was organised an educational lecture dedicated to the International Day of Monuments and Sites. Pupils of the 7th form (b) of Hrazdan Basic school No. 4 took part in it. The initiators were the history teacher of the same school Artur Kirakosyan and the class teacher Haykush Margaryan.


On April 10, 2022 the Cultural centre Eliz Davi on the occasion of its anniversary in the Geological Museum of Hrazdan organized an exhibition of its pupils works.

On September 25, 2021 within the framework of the republican events of the European Heritage Days called «Comprehensive Heritage» in the Hrazdan Geological Museum, a joint exhibition was organized - an educational program with 1st year students of the Department of Computing technology and Software of Automated Systems of Kotayk Regional State College /course head - Kristine Arsenyan/ dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the great Armenian composer Al. Spendiaryan. During the exhibition - an educational program /on new exhibition boards created especially for the exhibition/ by both students and museum workers the life and work of Al. Spendiaryan was presesnted, which was accompanied by listening to the recordings of the composers works.


On August 20th and 21st, the Hrazdan Geological Museum presented in its permanent exhibition a new section «Famous clans of the Hrazdan region and their genealogies». The presentation of the new exhibition was attended by employees of the «Hrazdan Community Library» PNTO /Hrazdan Library No. 4/ and readers (director - Marine Yegoryan). At the new exhibition, within the framework of educational programs, general information was provided about the genealogy /genealogy of nations, the genealogy of the peoples of the world - Armenians, methods of compiling genealogy, etc./.


On June 5, 2021, in the Hrazdan Geological Museum an exhibition of the works of «Hardworking Bees» by the students of Armine Atoyan, teacher of the sports and cultural educational center named after Vahe Zakaryan of the Hrazdan municipality, was held, dedicated to the International Childrens Day. Works of decorative and applied art and works of traditional Armenian embroidery by Armine Atoyan were also jointly exhibited.


On May 27, 2021, together with the 9th form students of the Hrazdan secondary school No. 4 of the Kotayk regional service of the Environmental Protection Service, an event was organized - the educational program «FIRST ARMENIAN REPUBLIC of 1918-1920», which was conducted by the Deputy Head of the Kotayk Regional Security Service Environment Artur Kirakosyan.

May 18, 2021 - International Day of Museums, within the framework of the republican events «Night of Museums», an exhibition of works by the Folk Master of the Republic of Armenia Armine Atoyan was organized in the Hrazdan Geological Museum.

On May 11, 2021, towards the International Day of Museums, the museum organized an event - the educational program «Famous Museums of France» and «Famous French Cultural Figures of Armenian origin» (teacher - Monika Avetisyan).

Temporary exhibitions and events held in the museum in 2008-2013.

2009 – exhibition of Aram Gevorgyans photos


2009 - exhibition of Lusine Gharibyans pictures



2010 - exhibition of Aram Mnatsakanyans pictures (within the frameworks of the event “Museum Night”)


2010 - exhibition of Sargis Barseghyans pictures (within the frameworks of the event “European Inheritance Days”)


2010 – an event dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide


2010 – Exhibition-event dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the victory in the Patriotic war




2010 – Exhibition of Aquarelle works of  A. Misakyan


Temporary exhibition events took place in the museum from April 15 to 30, 2011. The theme was “Hayoc mec eghern@ dprocakanneri achqerov”. The exhibition events were held with the watercolor works of the Abovyan citys schoolchildren and the participation of Hrazdan citys schoolchildren.



On May 14 in 2011, within the frameworks of the republican events “Tangaranneri gisher”  simultaneously 3 temporary exhibitions were held in the museum.
-The exhibition of Aram Gevorgyans photographic works.
-The exhibition of Movses Tadevosyans decorative practical and painting works.
-The exhibition of Ashot Sargsyans collages.
The premiere of the film of Aram Gevorgyans “Haverzhakan Ces” took place simultaneously.
 The exhibitions will last till June 10.













Temporary exhibition of Anahit Hovhannisyan’s  and Apet Panosyan’s paintings took place on October 1 and 2, 2011 during "The days of European inheritence" organized within the framework of Republican events.





Temporary exhibition and  event dedicated to the 15th anniversary of local self-government bodies took place from November 12 to December 1, 2011 together with Kotayk’s Regional Archive and Hrazdan branch of the National Gallery of Armenia.





21.04.2012 Temporary exhibition events by theme "Heqiat ev tiknik":






On May 19 in 2012, within the frameworks of the republican events “Tangaranneri gisher”  temporary exhibitions were held in the museum:






In September 29 - 30, 2012 an exhibition-event  “Typographical Way of the 20th Century” took place at the museum within the framework of the "European Heritage Days" event in cooperation with the regional library of Kotayk region with the participation of the pupils of the School No. 1 of Hrazdan.





In April 14 2013, a lecture “Turkey Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” took place at the museum dedicated to the anniversary of the Great Genocide of Armenians with the participation of the historian and publicist Sargis Hatspanyan. The lecture was followed with the videos on the screen display as well as with the temporary exhibition organized by the museum with the materials and duplicate photos related to the Great Genocide. Cultural figures, writers, teachers, students and pupils of the city attended the lecture.





Within the framework of "Museum Night" national events, on May 18 2013, was the opening day of the temporary exhibition of works of the artist Hayk Barseghyan which lasted a month.






On May 25 2013, “Disaster Revival "event-matinee dedicated to the First Republic Day of Armenia, was held at the museum with the participation of the pupils of the school No. 4 of Hrazdan (teacher A. Voskanyan) which was attended by teachers and parents.




On June 29 2013, the museum organized a temporary exhibition of the works of decorative and applied arts of Armine Atoyan with the participation of artists and students.





In 2013, August 31 within the frameworks of republican events called "European Heritage Days" a temporary exhibition-event on the theme "The past and the Present of Hrazdan" was held in the  museum by the participation of pupils, culture employees and students.






On October 26, 2013 a temporary exhibition dedicated to the 20 anniversary of the introduction of the Armenian money was opened in the Geological Museum of Hrazdan.





A temporary exhibition and a lecturing were organized in the museum dedicated to the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, as well as screenings and discussions with pupils on Eric Friedlers "Aghét" film on April 20-30, 2014.








A measure-exhibition was organized in the museum on "War and Peace" theme along with the screening of the pupils paintings on May 9, 2014.










An exhibition was held in the museum within the frameworks of the The Museums Night measures on May 17-18, 2014. Also the exhibition of the famous museums of the Russian Federation (the Hermitage, the State Kremlin Armory, the Pavlovsk Palace, the State Historical Museum, the State Zagorsk  museum-reserve), as well as of the jewelry artworks found from the Scythian mausoleum hills situated in the Ukraine museum was organized dedicated to the  International Museum Day.










A temporary exhibition was organized in the museum dedicated to the anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia (1918-1920) on May 28, 2014.










From the 10th to 15th July 2014 for students of pedagogical university vacationers in the summer camp Hrazdan region Aghavnadzor /on different days for different faculties/ a lecture on the theme "Family and family life of the Armenians, in particular in the region at the end of the Hrazdan nineteenth century and early twentieth century".



In the museum from September 3, 2014 till September 5 in the frames of the events "Day of Knowledge" there were held lectures on the themes "Relative and friend system in the lifestyle of the Armenians", "Birthday and Christening" /on the occasion of announcing "Family Year" in RA/ for the pupils of Hrazdan school number 1 and number 4 during the visits to the museums /for different age groups/ on ethnographic theme. There were shown films concerning the Armenian rites /"Year Seasons", "Everlasting Rituals"/. For the first time in the ethnographic department there were exhibited newly acquired models of ethnographic character /"Village House", "Carpet weaver workshop" and so on/.








From September 27 till 28 in the frames of Republican events "Days of European Heritage" in the museum there were organized temporary exhibitions devoted to the 100th anniversary of the First World War /"First World War. Retrospect 100 years later".
"Economy and way of life of the European countries before the First World War" /Photo exhibition – with explanatory/
-  "The First World War in 1914-1918" /Photo exhibition – with explanatory/
"Economy and way of life of Western Armenia in the beginning of the 20th century" /Photo exhibition – with explanatory/
- A lecture on a theme
"Eastern Armenians and the First World War"









In RA, on the occasion of the announcement of the Year of the Family, from the 20th of October it was organized a temporary exhibition - The exhibition of the genealogical tree /there were submitted famous families from Razdan region, with composed and decorated family trees, as well as sketches, albums and accompanying supporting materials/ during the exhibition the representatives of several families presented the histories of their families.







Events and temporary exhibitions organized on the occasion of 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in April 2015 in Hrazdan museum of local lore.
April 10
-    Temporary exhibition with archive photos and materials, devoted to the Genocide of Armenians, economics and way of life of the Western Armenia /before First World War/
-    Temporary exhibition of artistic works of the pupils of Razdan and Abovyan schools on the theme of “Genocide of the Armenians in the eyes of the pupils”  
-    Memorial morning performance with participation of the pupils of middle forms of Razdan school N4 on the theme “Green wounds”
-    Demonstration of the film Armin Wegner “Armenian Genocide Photos”    
April 18
-    Lectures and discussions with participation of the pedagogue of YSU S. Mkhitaryan, devoted to the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide 
-    Lectures and demonstrations of films, devoted to the International day of monuments /jointly with Kotayk regional service of Protection of Historical Environment /PHE/, the reporters K. Hakobyan and A. Sedrakyan/  
-    Demonstration of films “Genocide, after Genocide”, “A Trip on Western Armenia”, “Lost Native land”, and their discussions
April 22
-    “Historical Monuments of Kotayk region and historical monuments of Western Armenia – temporary exhibition of Kotayk regional service of PHE with portative stands    
-    Demonstration of films “Concealed offenders of the Genocide of the Armenians”, “Concealed Armenians”, “Flipping pages of our past – Genocide of Armenians” Western Armenia of 1914 /new frames/
















Since May 07 till May 25, 2015 in the museum in connection with the 70th Anniversary of the Victory in The Great Patriotic War the following events and temporary exhibitions were held: 
1. Hrazdan citizens in the “Great Patriotic War” /temporary exhibition/.
2. “Hrazdan teachers, doctors and writers in the Great Patriotic War /temporary exhibition and lecture/.
3. “Prominent Armenian commanders” /temporary exhibition/ and screenings of documental films dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.








From May 16 till May 18 of 2015 in the frame of the republican events “Night of Museums” under the name “Museums - witnesses of memory”, as well as in connection with the International Day of Museums there were organized temporary photo and text exhibitions and screenings on the above mentioned topics: “Armenian Fidain /freedom-fight/ movement in the end of XIX and in the beginning of XX century” and “Armenian Avengers” – “Nemesis operation”.




On the 24th of June, 2015 at the museum it was hold an annual traditional visit-event with the second-year students of the Faculty of Geography of the State Pedagogical University of Armenia.












In August 21-30, 2015 the museum hosted a temporary exhibition of photographic works of photographer Derenik Vardanyan "My City".




In September 26-27, 2015 in the museum in the frames of Republican events "European Heritage Days" was held a temporary exhibition of works of young artists Gohar Alaverdyan, Mushegh Asatryan, Ashot Karapetyan, Ani Barseghyan, Sona and Hasmik Harutyunyan, Emilia Gevorgyan and Hermine Rustamyan /sculpture, painting, tapestry, crochet, collage/.



In the museum Since October 30, 2015 till November 20, 2015 there was held a temporary exhibition of the works of young photographers.





In April 27, 2016 in the museum there was hеld a lecture on theme «Grigor Magister Pahlavuni. Life and Work», which was presented by the lecturer of Yerevan State University, doctor of Philology Sargis Mkhitaryan. The lecture was attended by the high school students and teachers of Hrazdan schools N 1 and number 4.


In April 29, 2016 in the museum there took place an event-lecture on theme «Famous and unknown monuments, dragon-stones and petroglyphs of Kotayk region», which was presented by Kotayk HEP (Historic Environment Protection) service employee Aramayis Sedrakyan. During the lecture also slides related with the theme were demonstrated, and at the end the reporter answered the questions of the pupils and teachers. Participated pupils and teachers, as well as individuals interested in the theme.


In May 6, 2016 in the museum it was organized a temporary exhibition-event, dedicated to May victories – together with Kotayk HEP (Historic Environment Protection) regional service, with photographic demonstrative-shells provided by them, which presented the monuments in Kotayk region devoted to the memory of the victims of the World War II. At the event participated pupils and the employee of HEP A. Kirakosyan.




In May 18, 2016 in the museum it was organized demonstration of films dedicated to the International Day of Museums and discussion with pupils and teachers – devoted to Independent Armenia, Artsakh and Eastern Armenia.



In May 21 in Hrazdan Geological museum in the frames of «Night of Museums» Republican events it was organized a temporary exhibition of Armenian hand-made carpets – with carpets produced by P/E Isahak Melkonyan carpet weaving workshop, operating in Hrazdan Kentron quartal, cooperating with special contract with the company «Megerian Carpet». The carpets from «Megerian Carpet» by mediation chose Isahak Melkonyan and brought to the museum for the temporary exhibition. As mentioned the head of Hrazdan carpet weaving workshop I. Melkonyan «The goal of the exhibition is to make Hrazdan residents get acquainted and preserve the Armenian carpet art». The visitors had an opportunity to meet and interact with carpet makers of Hrazdan Carpet weaving workshop. There were demonstrated the reprocessed versions of carpets once popular in Artsakh, Lori, Western Armenia as well as the works dedicated to the Independent Armenia. During the exhibition it was demonstrated video-film «Our workshop» produced by Isahak Melkonyan, which presented the process of creating carpets in Hrazdan carpet weaving workshop and the features of the ornaments of a number of Armenian carpets /Vishapagorg, Arevagorg, Kashatagh, Pazirik, Khanchalu and so on/. Also were demonstrated the films «The Strength of the Armenians. Carpets» and «The Armenian Imprint. Carpets». The exhibition lasted for 10 days – till 31 of May.







In June 01, 2016 dedicated to the «International Childrens Day» in the museum it took place the presentation of the individual temporary exhibition of paintings of Hrazdan painter, graduate of the Pedagogical University Culture Department Yeva Baghdasaryan, which will last approximately 1 month. At the exhibition there are presented still lifes, portraits, landscapes and so on. At the exhibition there were present pupils of 3rd form of Hrazdan school N 4 together with parents and teacher A. Voskanyan. At the opening ceremony there were present also intellectuals, painters and poets, as well as the relatives and friends of the paintress.










Since September 17th, 2016 it was organized a temporary exhibition-event dedicated to 25th anniversary of Armenias independence, relevant to voluntary groups of Hrazdan region, and with the participation of soldiers of the troops /units ՛՛Vasht՛՛, ՛՛Kochor՛՛, ՛՛Alashkert՛՛, ՛՛Artsap՛՛ and Hrazdan group/. Simultaneously with this exhibition on September 21 it was organized an exhibition of posters of the artist-designer Edward Amirbekyan.

From 24th to 25th September 2016 in the framework of national events under the heading ՛՛European Heritage Days՛՛, ՛՛Heritage and the Community՛՛ a temporary exhibition was organized in the museum dedicated to historical-architecture monuments of Kotayk region and region - with photographs, explanations, and show of the films to the point- /՛՛Kecharis՛՛, ՛՛Bjni՛՛, ՛՛Garni՛՛, ՛՛Geghard՛՛ and soon/ and related to the history of Hrazdan region temporary exhibition of archival documents and photographs /19-20 centuries/.











2016թ. հոկտեմբերի 18-ին թանգարանում անցկացվեց Հրազդանի Ե.Քոչարի անվան արվեստի դպրոցի սաների տեսական և ստեղծագործական դաս՝ ուսուցչուհի, գեղանկարիչ Լուսինե Ղարիբյանի ղեկավարությամբ:




2016թ. նոյեմբերի 11-ից 22-ը թանգարանում անցկացվեց լրագրող, լուսանկարիչ “911-Արտակարգ թերթ” -ի աշխատակից Անի Անտոնյանի լուսանկարչական աշխատանքների ժամանակավոր ցուցահանդեսը՝ “Մանկությունը լուսանցքում” թեմայով: Ցուցահանդեսն իրականացվել է Ֆոկուս արվեստի ՀԿ-ի ACTV կրթական ծրագրի շրջանակներում: Անի Անտոնյանը իր լուսանկարներում անդրադարձել է Հրազդան համայնքի Տնակներ կոչվող թաղամասին և փորձել ցույց տալ վատ սոցիալական պայմանների ազդեցությունը տնակներում ապրող անչափահասների կյանքի որակի, կրթության հեռանկարների վրա: Նախագծի ղեկավար՝ ACTV կրթական ծրագրի համակարգող, փաստավավերագրող Դավիթ Ստեփանյան, պրակտիկ մասի ղեկավար՝ Մեդիալաբ կրթական ծրագրի համակարգող, լուսանկարիչ Վահե Բուդումյան:







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